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. >>> a plane crash at sfo. >> we see people and they said they are alive and walking around. >> ap 77 officials confirm two people are dead and 182 are injured. >> at this point in time there is no indication of terrorism involved the fbi will be work closely with the ntsb. >> witnesses say that the tail of the asiana jetliner hit the seawall at the start of the runway and snapped off. >> this is the runway, it came in like this. and i was just watching the wheeling and it just hit like this and whole thing collapsed immediately. >> good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the chair of the national transportation safety board is expected to arrive foyt to head up the investigation on the deadly crash at sfo. the asiana passenger jet came had in to land at sfo, it was 11:2 this morning. witnesses say the plane hit tail-first just yards short of runway 28l. the plane eventually came to a rest on the grass and dirt on the side of the runway and caught fire. passengers could be seen jumping down the emergency slides. >> most of the 307 people on board made it off oka
. summary. essential things we have learned about the crash at sfo. >> boeing 777 crash landed at 11:27. calling it a hard landing. show you video from minutes after the crash. the plane which was operated by asiana, airlines, took off from shanghai, seoul korea, to sfo, 10 1/2 hour flight. 60 people remain unaccounted for. doesn't mean 60 people are dead. at this point. don't know where they are. some may have been moved off to hospital. there may be some manifest name issues. sochl tra some translation issues. at this point. 60 unaccounted for. we have twoÑnfirmed dead. 130 taken to different hospitals. 190 people though initially walked off that plane. and of that group, then, some were later transported. and taken to the hospital. with less serious injuries. sfo was shut down for four hours after the crash. but now, at least two run ways at this point are open. we'll continue off to bring the latest developments as we learn more about what happened. ntsb is on its way here. threesent out to secure the scene. police told us the scene at the airport in terms of this airliner have
us from sfo. it's been a clear sense of communication here throughout the day from mayor lee, from the fire chief at sfo, even the ntsb and the fbi. >> reporter: they're being very careful as to what information they put out there. everyone is awaiting the arrival of the ntsb from washington, d.c. that group expected to arrive in about aphour. they will probably do what they can tonight. most likely wait until daybreak to continue their investigation. officials have been briefing us all day long, trying to tell us what happened here early this morning. it was the kind of briefing that officials haven't had to deliver for more than seven decades. >> there's been a tragic accident for sfo and all of san francisco. >> reporter: this morning, asiana airlines flight 214 from seoul, korea, with 291 passengers and 16 crew members, slammed into the runway at sfo. tearing away the plane's tale. the plane then burst into flames as fire crews arrived on scene. >> my hat goes off to the people who went into the cabin of the plane to do what they could. >> reporter: two people are confirmed dea
about these disasters. the emergency crews do. but something you said a minute ago stuck out. at sfo particularly the most recent serious accident was in 1987, 11 people killed, and one in the '50s with 40 people killed. given that san francisco international airport is one of the world's'ess airports it's a mark real safety record. >> it is considering the weather conditions here. we have a lot of fog at the airport. a lot of changing weather conditions. and i think -- a 777 taxiing on the taxiways there at sfo. but, yeah, it's very busy airport and you're -- i'm fascinated by the fact that with the work of -- collaboration between pilots and air traffic controllers we have as few problems here as we do at sfo. the runways, for example, too close together. so, -- and crisscrossing. >> this is a live picture of a plane that presumably taxiing to take off. >> a lot of people very, very interested in what is going on at the airport because the debris from the plane is still on the ground because they're waiting for the ntsb folks, who should be there right now. they had planned to arri
at sfo. >> from the moment it happened there, was banging. we realized something had gone wrong. >>> without a warning, terror, panic, and confusion took over. >> again, we're sleeping slip -- slipping on the run way. >> asiana airlines flight 214 burst into flames, killing two teenage girls. >> was a lot of collapsed seats, a lot of plane was on fire. >> this morning, at investigators search for answer, hundreds recover and tell their story of how they escaped. >> i'm thing ful thankful. >> we have team coverage coming up. >> we are awaiting a news conference right now. first we want to tell you about breaking news out of redwood city. a six-alarm fire has taken over an compartment complex on wood side road. the fire started just before 2:00 this morning. 16 people were taken to the hospital. the red cross drove bus loads of people to a make-shift evacuation center. >>> 8:31 now. new this morning, we are learning more information about the two teens, who died in yesterday's crash at sfo yesterday morning. both girls were 16-year-old stay tunes from china, on their way to a summ
runways at sfo. we have re-opened two of the four so we're operating limited arrivals and departures at sfo. >> here is a look at the board here at the airport. you can see earlier live, delays, cancellations, but we're seeing lots of on time. they have gotten two runways up and operational today. so it is improving here. look at the crowds. this is a pretty long line here for security so it's very crowded here, and people have been very patient, waiting for their flights that were delayed, that are now starting to get going. so this is in the international terminal. that's where we're getting our updates and where we're watching the situation. we see people waiting, taking naps, patiently waiting for their flights as the airport gets become on track. so, a long day here at the airport but people have been very patient. they've definitely had sympathy for what happened. we have not seen anyone upset or frustrated or making demanded of airport officials, who everytime they brief us are very grim and very focused as they try to get their information to us very precisely. i asked, where
you all for coming. it's certainly been a challenging and difficult day at sfo today. i want to start by kind of reconfirming some of the facts and we'll provide some updated information on passenger numbers for you. so again, this morning at 11:27 a.m., we had an incident involving asiana flight 214. this is a flight that originated in shanghai and continued on through seoul airport on its way to san francisco. it's a boeing 777 aircraft, and our manifest counts the number of individuals on board the aircraft, 291 passengers and 16 crew for a total of 307 on board the aircraft. as i mentioned, we do have some updated information on the status of those passengers and crew, and for that i'm going to turn it over to assistant deputy chief dale karnes. dale? >> good evening. of the 307 souls on board, we had 181 total that were transported to local hospitals. of that 181, 49 were serious and were in the initial victims transported from the scene. an additional 132 were transported later on into the incident after being triaged as they were the more minor to moderate casualties. we've als
. >> in fact, more than 180 people were transported to 11 hospitals and the fire department here at sfo, there are three stations here, had no warning. all they were told, there was a hard landing. they had no warning of any distress. so when they arrived on the scene and saw the plane broken up, they had to go into action immediately, but they were not prepared for that. and san francisco airport is running at half capacity. there is some talk they will try to open up one runway -- one major one and one minor one are affected. as of right now, san francisco is running at half capacity. they hope to get one of the runways open today to move this process along. the entire process here probably won't be done for 5 to 6 days as they go through the crash site and remove all the debris here, as this investigation goes forward and the investigation itself, we are told, you won't hear back for potentially 8 to 9 months before we know for sure what happened. but we will get preliminary information from ntsb, later today in a press conference. >> back to you. >> thank you very much. >> fox news
had gone to sfo right away were so good at triaging and taking care of those people that by the time they got here, they had a shot. she said had they not gotten that great initial care, two of them, at least two of them who got here, would not have survived. and the number wouldn't be two dead, it might have been four. again, she's praising the first responders, craig. >> stephanie truong from kntv. thank you for that report. >>> the flight crew of asiana jet gave no indication of trouble prior to the crash. i want to bring in daniel rose, aviation attorney, former u.s. military pilot, spent a lot of time with you yesterday. thanks for coming back. the first indications of a problem with flight 214 apparently came from this controltransmission. i want to play it for you. >> 214 emergency vehicles are responding. >> emergency vehicles are responding. >> as a pilot what do you take away from the fact there was no distress call originally from the pilot. that call came from the control tower. >> that was after everything already happened there was no distress call. there was one transm
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)